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Plan Submitals

All plans submitted to the Town of Fort Mill for approval must be submitted on paper and in electronic form.   As a means of improving the efficiency of our review process, the Town of Fort Mill has adopted the Mecklenburg and York County standards for electronic design submittals.  Standards for York County design templates exist for County project submittals.  These standard design templates are available in AutoCAD 2007 format.  They may be viewed by Click Here.

The templates contain the standard York County title block as well as other commonly used layers. These templates are preferred for York County and Town of Fort Mill projects, but are not mandated at this time.  The Town of Fort Mill intends to adopt these same standards for the purpose of uniformity.  Simply contact Town of Fort Mill for appropriate information to add to these standards.    

Road specifications are an integral part of planning design from both an aesthetic and utilitarian perspective. Since road design can have profound impact on stormwater design, please contact the Engineering Department for more information regarding porous asphalt and permeable pavers.