Building Inspections

Inspection requests can be submitted online using our Online Building Inspection Request Form.  You will need to have the following information to submit your request:

  • Contact Name and Information
  • Town of Fort Mill Building Permit Number
  • Property Address
  • Subdivision Lot Number (If Applicable)
  • Contractor Name and Phone Number
  • Type of Inspection Being Requested

The contractor is not required to be present during the inspection unless there is an access issue or unless there is an inspection related question they need to be present to answer. Inspection requests must be received by 3 p.m. in order to be completed the following business day.  

For more information about when an inspection would be required, please view our FAQs.

Items Required for All Inspections in the Town

The following items shall be clearly present on the jobsite in order for Town of Fort Mill inspectors to complete an inspection:

  • Address:  The address shall be visible from the street for inspection and 911 purposes.
  • Permit:  A Town of Fort Mill permit shall always be onsite during construction.
  • Silt Fence:  All required silt fencing shall be in place to minimize water runoff during construction.
  • Construction Drive:  A construction drive shall be in place to mitigate mud and construction debris from entering the streets by material deliveries and/or contractors working on the project.
  • Porta-Jon:  A portable toilet shall be onsite or within 300 feet of the site for contractor use.
  • Approved Stamped Plans:  A set of approved stamped construction documents (stamped by the Town of Fort Mill) shall be onsite and protected from the weather at the time of inspection.
  • Construction Job Box:  An approved job box shall always be onsite to protect the permits, plans, inspection reports, etc.