Cold Weather Update (as of 12/22/22):

Hazardous Weather Advisory: The Town of Fort Mill is staying updated on upcoming weather conditions in our area. According to the National Weather Service, very cold arctic air will be moving into the Charlotte region on Friday morning (Dec. 23) and staying through at least Monday (Dec. 26). This will bring below normal temperatures to Fort Mill, with lows predicted at 18 degrees on Friday and Saturday night, as well as high winds between 20 and 30 mph (and up to 50 mph wind gusts) through Friday evening. There is also a risk of very cold wind chills as low as 5 below zero through Saturday morning, which could cause severe impacts, such as frostbite. Here are some things to remember:

There will be a high demand for electricity and power outages could occur. Some reminders:

-Keep phones and laptops charged in case of an outage.

-Have plenty of food, water, medicine, batteries and flashlights on hand.

-Stay safe from carbon monoxide by making sure you always run your car in a well-ventilated space, such as an open garage, and only operate a generator outside.

-Check on friends, family and neighbors, especially those who are most vulnerable to extreme temperatures.

-Don’t forget about pets and livestock. Make sure they have access to water that will not freeze and that they have a warm place to take shelter.

Protect yourself from the cold by:

-Wearing several layers of loose fitting, lightweight clothing rather than one layer of heavy clothing.

-Mittens are warmer than gloves, and always wear a hat and scarf if possible.

-Keep your car fueled to avoid ice in the tank and fuel lines.

You can protect the pipes in your home by doing the following:

-Allow indoor plumbing fixtures to drip to allow water to trickle through pipes and stop freezing.

-Disconnect garden hoses from outdoor spigots

-Unplug automatic lawn sprinkler systems

-Insulate pipes in unheated parts of your home

-Locate your water shut-off valve in the event of a burst pipe

-If your pipes do freeze, you can open faucets slightly, turn off your home water supply, turn up the heat in your house, wrap frozen pipes with towels soaked in hot water; or contact a plumber for help.


About the Utilities Department:

The Utilities Department consists of the following services:

  • Water Distribution 
  • Wastewater Collection
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Stormwater Collection
  • Engineering Services

The Utilities Department is responsible for water, sewer, and stormwater system design, installation, operation, maintenance, and permit compliance for the Town of Fort Mill. The Engineering Services Division also reviews new development plans and inspects installations of these systems.

Our department provides water and sanitary sewer services to approximately 8,600 metered water and sewer customers with a service population of approximately 13,000 people in the Town of Fort Mill.  The Department also serves some areas outside of the town limits.  Springview Meadows, Carolina Orchards, Anniston Chase, and the Springfield subdivisions are served by York County Utilities.

New Water Meters

The Town of Fort Mill continues to replace water meters throughout the town in 2022.  In a continuation of the previous meter replacement project, the Town is converting older meters to new water meters to provide a wide range of benefits for customers. These benefits include near real-time meter reading, automated customer log-in modules, and the ability to detect leaks or high usage and automatically alert customers (future customer features). The new meters will also have emergency shut-off capabilities, which will help minimize damage to homes in cases of water line breaks or other issues. 

For more information, please reference our Water Meter Replacement Details (PDF)