Fort Mill 150 Fit Challenge

Fort Mill 150 Fit Challenge for websiteThe Fort Mill 150 Fit Challenge is a fun way to celebrate the Town's 150th Anniversary!

The goal is for you to complete 150 miles (either by walking or running) by the end of 2023. This challenge will be broken into three time frames:

-Feb. 12- July 31

-Aug. 1-Dec. 31

-Or the entire time: Feb. 12 - Dec. 31

Interested in participating? Follow these steps:

1) First, make sure to register via the form at the bottom of this page. The Town will check in periodically to offer encouragement! 

2) Click here to download a tracker where you can log the distance of your walks or runs within the Town of Fort Mill limits. Please note, you must do the fitness challenge in the Town limits (click here for the Town map).  You can turn in your completed tracker either on July 31 or Dec. 31 for prizes. 

3) Email completed trackers to Events Coordinator Jacona Hester at or drop off at Town Hall, 200 Tom Hall St., Fort Mill. 

Fort Mill 150 Fit Challenge

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