How long has the project been in development?

In anticipation of the end of a lease of three ballfields from Leroy Springs & Company at the Fort Mill YMCA facility, the Town began searching several years ago for alternative ballfield space. As part of that search, the Town entered into discussions to address this need with Lennar, the developer of the Waterside at the Catawba community. Lennar recognized the benefits that a park would add to the Town and the company was happy to contribute land for that purpose. In 2013, Fort Mill Town Council approved a development plan for the park project, and the property was donated to the Town by Lennar in 2014. Council approved funding the $11 million project in August 2019.

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1. How can I receive updates about the park project?
2. What amenities will the park have?
3. When will construction begin?
4. Where is the park located?
5. Who will be able to use the new park?
6. How long has the project been in development?