What is my property zoned?

To determine the zoning classification for your property, please use one of the following methods.  Once you’ve determined the zoning classification, you can find information specific to the specific zoning in the Town’s Zoning Ordinance.

Town Zoning Map

The Planning Department maintains the Town of Fort Mill Zoning Map, which shows the zoning within the Town of Fort Mill for individual parcels.  The colors on the map correspond to a different zoning district as outlined in the map’s legend.

York County GIS Search

To determine the zoning for your property, enter your property address in the York County GIS. Visit the Zoning tab found and it will display the zoning classification for your property. For example, you may see LC displayed on your property, which is the abbreviation for the Town’s Local Commercial zoning classification.

Online Information Request Form

If you have any difficulties using the instructions above or have additional questions regarding zoning, please contact the Planning Department at (803) 547-2034 or submit an online zoning classification request form and our staff will research your property and provide you with an answer.

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