Why is the Town of Fort Mill’s Recycling program changing?

The recycling industry throughout the country is changing, with costs rising due to a variety of reasons, including world market trends, increased material standards and required volumes. In order to keep the Town of Fort Mill’s recycling program running and to reduce costs, the Town has arranged for our third-party collector, Waste Pro USA, to take recyclables to York County’s Material Recovery Facility (MRF) beginning September 1.

The York County facility accepts most recyclables including mixed paper, chipboard (such as cookie, cracker or drink boxes), cardboard, magazines, office paper, steel cans, and aluminum cans/pans/foil, and plastic jugs, jars or bottles with their lids on. However, the facility does not accept glass, as well as other forms of plastic (such as bags, berry containers or tubs).

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1. Why is the Town of Fort Mill’s Recycling program changing?
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