Why is glass no longer accepted in my recycling cart?

As glass breaks down during the transportation process, the shards and particles not only affect sorting machinery, but they can also get stuck in the other items, essentially contaminating them. Once that happens, the MRF will reject the entire load and send the items to a landfill instead. Therefore, glass cannot be co-mingled with other items in the recycling cart.

Glass Centers

However, customers will still be able to recycle glass food and beverage bottles, jugs and jars at one of York County’s Solid Waste Collection and Recycling Centers. Two are located in Fort Mill:

  1. Baxter Center at 1731 Highway 160
  2. Fort Mill East Center at 1390 East Hensley Road at Fort Mill Parkway

When customers bring their glass items to the centers, they can deposit them in bins designated solely for glass. From there, the glass is transported to the York County Public Works campus in York, where it is stored until truckload quantities are collected for shipment.

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