Professional Services Division

One of the primary responsibilities of a modern law enforcement agency is to have a mechanism in place that monitors the activities of its employees to ensure that each one acts with integrity and professionalism in the conduct of their official duties as a police officer. This is the responsibility of the Professional Services Division.

Other responsibilities of the division:

The Fort Mill Police Department rigorously monitors the activities of its employees to maintain the highest possible standards of conduct.  The division provides an avenue for the citizens of Fort Mill to report improper police actions and is charged with investigating those allegations of misconduct or other internal affairs matters as assigned by the Chief of Police.  The Professional Services Division exists to safeguard the high degree of integrity and professionalism required by our officers to provide the highest quality police services to the community and to maintain the public trust.  This division is also responsible for the department’s recruitment and applicant screening, operational function, training and crime prevention services.