Diversionary Programs

This court has the option of referring persons, charged with a crime triable in this court, to participate in a diversion program.


PTI is designed for first time offenders of non-violent crimes. It consists of education, counseling, community service, drug testing, and other requirements that the participant must complete. Successful completion allows for the arrest record to be destroyed. It is designed to give first offenders a second chance. Offenders may only participate in PTI one time. This program is monitored by the York County Solicitors office.


AEP is designed to address the growing problem of underage drinking and the associated high-risk behaviors. The purpose of AEP is to discourage underage drinking and to educate eligible participants as to the potential personal, social and legal risks of alcohol use. You must be between the ages of 17 and 20, have no significant prior criminal history, and have been charged with Minor in Possession of Alcohol, Open Container and/or Possession of False Identification. Offenders are only eligible to participate in AEP one time. After completion of the program, they may pay a fee for an Expungement Order which will clear the record as if he/she were never arrested.


TEP was established in South Carolina to educate the driver while giving him/her the opportunity to have eligible tickets dismissed and keep a clean driving record. To be eligible you can have no outstanding points on driving record, tickets must be a point violation offense of 4 points or less, and have not participated in a TEP program before.

For information on enrolling in a diversion program, please contact the York County Solicitor’s office at 803-628-3028 or by visiting www.scsolicitor16.org