Trail Master Plan Project

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The Town of Fort Mill is excited to establish the foundation for a master plan of future trail networks within the Town.  

The goal of this Trail Master Plan is to identify existing and potential trails and find ways to connect them to transportation corridors, parks, schools, and other places of interest within Fort Mill. Ultimately, the plan would help establish Fort Mill as a trail-friendly community. 

“Trail systems offer outdoor experiences and health benefits to people of all ages and abilities.  We are honored to have experienced, proven and creative partners to work with on this project.  This vision will enhance the quality of life our community embodies,” said Fort Mill Mayor Guynn Savage. 

To assist in the plan process, the Town recently hired engineering consulting firm McAdams to conduct research and gather public input as they create a long-range Trail Master Plan. Through their research, the consultant will first examine existing trails and identify whether they can be enhanced, while also identifying locations for future trails. The plan will include options for how the Town can make the vision a reality. 

“Studies like this serve as a blueprint to advancing the vision of an interconnected regional trail network.  A thoughtful plan that is supported by the residents legitimizes the initiative and places the community in a competitive position to garner resources for implementation,” said Bret Baronak with the Carolina Thread Trail and a member of the Trail Master Plan steering committee.  

Joe Romenick, with the Fort Mill School District and also a committee member, said the plan offers several unique benefits to the school district and community. 

“The preservation of the Carolina Thread Trail offers our students educational opportunities including nature studies, field trips and outdoor activities. By preserving natural trails, the district and the community benefit from the undeveloped areas and green spaces,” Romenick said. “This plan ensures these areas will remain for the future.”

John Gordon, with the Anne Springs Close Greenway, agreed on the importance of the plan. 

“The (Greenway) is excited about the opportunity to be involved with the Town Master Plan for trails and will be willing to help in any way appropriate.  Connectivity is something we will all benefit from in our community,” Gordon said.  

The Town recently sought community input on a future trail network by asking residents to weigh in on changes to existing trails and suggest possible additions to the trail system. The community was able to offer suggestions through a public survey in November 2022 and at a drop-in/open house workshop in February 2023.

Click the documents below to view the handout, maps and survey results that were presented during the public workshop on Feb. 8, 2023. These items include draft maps, community survey results, and recommended programs and policies. 

Fort Mill Trail Master Plan- Public Workshop Handout

Fort Mill Trail Master Plan- Public Workshop Draft Maps and Survey Results

FortMill_TrailMasterPlan_Schedule_Infographic_Updated_v2Thank You to the Community

In 2022, the Town of Fort Mill hired consulting firm McAdams to develop the Fort Mill Trail Master Plan.  The plan is a community-led initiative that proposes a comprehensive trail network based on input from residents, visitors, key area stakeholders, Town staff, and the Parks and Recreation Subcommittee. We would like to recognize the stakeholders committee for volunteering their time to serve on this committee for a year.  They include Town of Fort Mill Mayor Guynn Savage; Fort Mill School District, Joe Romenick; Fort Mill Economic Partners and DOMTAR, Jan Martin; Anne Springs Close Greenway, John Gordon, Carolina Thread Trail, Bret Baronak, and Town of Fort Mill Chairman of Planning Commission, James Traynor.

Also, we would like to thank the Parks and Recreation Subcommittee members: Mayor Guynn Savage, Councilman Chris Wolfe and Councilman Allen Garrison for their time to attend the meeting on January 24, 2023, and provide their expertise to the committee.   We also would like to thank Fort Mill Parks and Recreation Director Brown Simpson for contributing his time to this meeting.

We would also like to thank the Fort Mill community for taking the time to complete our surveys in the fall of 2022 and attending our public meeting on Feb. 8, 2023.  We had over 100 people attend the public meeting and our consultants received excellent feedback on what the citizens of Fort Mill wanted to include with the Master Plan for Trails.  Overall, the Town should be proud of the community engagement we have received from our residents.  McAdams was very impressed with the number of individuals that were able to come out to our public meeting.  Thank you to the community for your support!

Click here to view the draft Trail Master Plan document.